Homebrew Clubs

GTA Brews

A Toronto area homebrewing club. Our goal is bring Toronto area homebrewers together online and in person to share knowledge, talk shop, and provide feedback on each others homebrews. We strive to have regular monthly meetings where we brew a beer while enjoying the previous month’s club brew. The popularity of craft beer and homebrew in Toronto is rapidly growing and this groups brings potential brewers, new brewers, and experienced brewers together to build a friendly local community in the hobby of homebrewing.
The Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
Currently, our club members include pro brewers, certified beer judges, and many homebrewers and beer aficionados of all levels. Our members also include beginning brewers and those interested in beer and the brewing process. Come join our online discussion Forum and meet the gang. We welcome all levels of beer and brewing expertise, and they only prerequisite is that you have an interest and enthusiasm for our favourite beverage — beer! Cheers!


Edmonton Homebrewers Guild
The Edmonton Homebrewers Guild (EHG) is a Canadian Amateur Brewers Association (CABA) affiliated club working to support the art of homebrewing in Edmonton, western Canada and across the nation. The Guild is comprised of novices just learning to brew and some of Canada’s most distinguished homebrewing experts.


Ales & Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan
class=”clubDescription”>The A.L.E.S. club is a group of home brewers who are interested in different brewing techniques and to improve our knowledge of the different beers from around the world. The members are continuously improving their brewing methods and the beers that they make, whether they are full mash, partial mash, extract or kit beers.


Members of Barleyment
Simply put, the MoB (stands for Members of Barleyment) is a group of brewers sharing ideas, gadgets, ingredients, recipes and of course, beer.


We are a group of homebrewers in the Montreal area. We meet at a pub or at one of our homes on the second Thursday of every month to sample each other’s beer and ideas. Feel free to join if you share our interests!


The Southern Ontario Brewers
We are informally pulling together local homebrewers, with the intention of sharing our knowledge, group purchasing power, and the occasional gathering to brew together and share our beers. Our homepage for now is a Facebook group – Are You an SOB ?
-If not, join the group


The BrewNosers
The BrewNosers Homebrewing and Beer Appreciation club came of drinking age in 1991. The club is dedicated to the creation, and the consumption, of better beer. Meetings take place at members’ homes on the second Tuesday of each month, and have done so for 12 years without a miss. OK, sometimes we move the meeting to a weekend for special occasions! Highlights of the beer year include the Annual Christmas Beer Competition, A St. Patrick’s Day Stout Fest, and last, but not least, the (in)famous annual Real Ale Festival.


Winnipeg Brew Bombers
The Winnipeg Brew Bombers home brewing club was established in the fall of 1999. Since our first meeting, we’ve been helping each other learn the art and science of brewing at our monthly gatherings. Through education, conversation, and hands on experience, many of our members have gone on to brewing glory by achieving the perfect glass of beer for their own home consumption. Come experience the collective knowledge that our membership has to offer; from answers for the most basic home brewing questions to the application of advanced brewing techniques.


Les Brasseurs Phoux
Bièropholie n.f. Nom moderne donné à la passion un peu folle de la bière de spécialité. Du français bière qui rappelle que l’objet visé est la bière et du mot grec philos signifiant “ami”. Ce dernier est légèrement déformé par l’ajout d’une saine dose de folie afin de le transformer en “pholie”. Le tout résulte en Bièropholie.


MeadWorks Brewing Club is based in Vancouver. Our members get together monthly to share ideas, hold tastings, help out with each other’s brews, and promote mead awareness. The club stems from Meadworks.ca, an on-line forum, resource, and EZine for all things Mead. The club is comprised of both experienced and novice mead makers so we’d love to have you involved.

http://www.meadworks.ca GRAB a Homebrew GRAB a Homebrew. Group dedicated to Home Brewing in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge area. We meet at 7PM on the last Tuesday of each month. Check this group for the location. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/grabahomebrew/