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Great Canadian Homebrew Competition — 2015 Results

Thank you to all brewers who submitted to this years competition; there was a strong showing of entries from across the country.

Light Lagers (Category 1)

Gold: Jon Mains
Silver: Joey Deir
Bronze: Chris Bourdages

Pils and Amber Lagers (Categories: 2, 3)

Gold: Chris Bourdages
Silver: Chris Bourdages
Bronze: Blake Anderson and Mike Hendry

Dark Lager, Bock, and Hybrid (Categories: 4, 5, 6, 7)

Gold: Chris Bourdages
Silver: Chris Bourdages
Bronze: Eric Cousineau

European (Categories: 8, 9, 11, 19)

Gold: Chris Bourdages
Silver: Mark Pennell
Bronze: Shannon Howatt

American Ales (Category 10)

Gold: Blaine Karr
Silver: Marc Joyce
Bronze: Cliff Strabac

Stouts and Porters (Categories: 12, 13)

Gold: Jeff Sandifer
Silver: Mark Pennell
Bronze: Chris Bourdages

IPAs (Category 14)

Gold: Justin MacNeill
Silver: Mark Pennell
Bronze: Mark Verok

Weizens (Category 15)

Gold: Joey Deir
Silver: Marc Joyce

Saisons and Sours (Categories: 16, 17)

Gold: Chris Bourdages
Silver: Cliff Strabac
Bronze: Mark Verok

Belgians (Category 18)

Gold: Blake Anderson & Mike Hendry
Silver: Mark Pennell
Bronze: James Homes & Andy Wagner

Fruit (Category 20)

Gold: Justin MacNeill
Silver: Joe Rutter
Bronze: Allan Busch

Spice, Herb, Vegetable (Category 21)

Gold: Eric Cousineau
Silver: Mark Pennell
Bronze: Marc Plante

Specialties (Category: 23)

Gold: David Everitt
Silver: Justin MacNeill
Bronze: James Homes & Andy Wagner

Best of Show

Gold: David Everitt
Silver: Jeff Sandifer
Bronze: Eric Cousineau

Scoresheets will be emailed to all paid entrants, as soon as possible.

GCHC Competition 2015

The Great Canadian Homebrew Competition is back for 2015!

Update: Thanks to our sponsors!

Black Oak Brewing Co noblehop short finger final web


Update: Competition rules and the entry form are now available! Entries will be accepted until Thursday, June 4.


Thaw out your brewing equipment, and brew your favourite styles! After a long cold winter, brew a long cold one for early June consumption. Submit in any style, for evaluation and feedback from a respected panel of BJCP-certified judges!

The competition will follow BJCP 2008 guidelines (plus a special category for Black IPA). The entry deadline will be in early June, with judging and awards wrapped up by June 20 at the Great Canadian Homebrew Conference.

Details will be posted shortly, including rules, entry forms, deadlines and drop-off points. Check back at for updates!

2014 All About Ales Homebrew Competition Results

The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association 2014 All About Ales Competition had  a great showing of 128 entries, from over 60 brewers. 34 awards were presented in 11 categories and Best of Show.

AAA received generous support from our sponsors:

  • 5 Paddles Brewing, providing a pro-am brewing opportunity for overall best-of-show winner
  • Toronto Brewing, providing gift certificates for some of the gold medal prizes.
  • White Labs yeast, providing paraphernalia for some of the gold medal prizes.
  • Black Oak Brewing Company, who were generous hosts for the judging and were the primary delivery point for entries.

Congratulations to Chris Bourdages, overall Best of Show winner! And congratulations to all the clubs – club results are included after the individual results, below.

All About Ales Competition – Fall 2014

The CABA All About Ales competition is back!

All About Ales is a fall competition focusing on the category of beer which is arguably the most common and most celebrated by homebrewers. All About Ales provides a great chance to get some feedback from expert BJCP judges on your homebrew in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Notice regarding primary drop-off location (2014-10-23): Black Oak will be closed for Cask Days on Saturday, October 25, and won’t be able to accept entries on that day (only). Please consider another day/time, the alternate drop-off location, or contact the Competition Director for alternate arrangements.

Clarification on Bottle/Cap packaging suggestions (2014-10-23): Coloured caps will be accepted – please make sure you black out any designs on your caps. Alternate bottle sizes and glass colours will be accepted as well. (The standard bottles make it easier for sorting entries, but all homebrew deserves a chance in the competition!)

Competition update (2014-10-08): Registration is Open!!

The AAA 2014 rules and entry form are available now. Let’s say a big thanks to the sponsors supporting this competition:

Black Oak Brewing Co 5 Paddles Brewing Co Toronto Brewing Co White Labs Brewers Yeast


  • 5 Paddles will be supplying the prize for overall Best of Show: An opportunity for a 6th Paddle pro-am brew!
  • Thanks to Toronto Brewing for providing prize packs!
  • Thanks to White Labs for providing prize packs!
  • Thanks to Black Oak for being our main drop-off point, and judging location! And Happy 15th Birthday!!

Review the detailed rules, fill in the entry form and print it out. Entries can be delivered or dropped off at Black Oak between October 10 and October 31. Be sure to check out their special fall offerings when you’re dropping off your beer (mmmm… Oaktoberfest….)

GCHC 2014 Competition Results

This year’s GCHC Competition had one the highest number of entries in nearly 10 years. In all, 52 brewers (individuals and brewing teams) entered 227 entries representing a broad sampling of all BJCP major categories. The beers were judged over two days by 18 judges. In total, 67 awards are presented in 22 categories plus Best of Show.

GCHC Competition – Deadline May 22 2014

The Great Canadian Homebrew Competition is Back

Get your best beers together and enter them to win prizes, medals and the admiration of your brewing peers.

 Get your not-so-best beers and enter those as well for evaluation and feedback from BJCP certified judges.

The competition is being sponsored by the good folks at

Black Oak Brewing and Beer Grains Supply

Update! Best of Show Pro-Am Brew Prize: And just to prove how great the people at Beau’s brewery are, and how nice they are to us, Beau’s will once again be brewing the Best of Show beer in large scale to the brewery in Vanleek Hill.

Update! Brewer of the Year: The GCHC Competition is now part of the Canadian Brewer of the Year circuit. Your standings in the GCHC will contribute to the national BOTY ranking.

Please see the PDF for details, instructions and contact information.

Thanks for your support and Good Luck!



CABA 2012 Anything Goes Competition Winners

The CABA 2012 Anything Goes Competition went spectacularly well, with homebrewers submitted a total of 132 entries from across the country. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all of the winners.

CABA would like to thank all of the BJCP judges who took part in the judging prior to the Great Canadian Homebrew Conference. We’d also like to issue a special thank you to Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewery, who once again volunteered his brewery’s space to host the judging event.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…

All About Ales Competition results

Announced at the 2011 CABA AGM on November 19th, the All About Ales Competition results featured beers in 17 overall categories. The 2011 AAA Competition received 104 entries, and we’re proud to announce the winners of each of the categories, as well as our Best of Show winner.

Great Canadian Homebrew Competition results

At the Great Canadian Homebrew Conference on Saturday, we announced the winners of the homebrewing competition. With 99 entries across the entire spectrum of BCJP categories, we awarded winners in 12 categories, as well as for Best of Show. Here’s the entire list of winners

All About Ales Competition Winners