CABA 2014 AGM and Bus Tour – Saturday Nov 15

The big homebrewers bus is on the road once again.

It’s a Magical Mystery Tour of beer, brewing and a great time.

Details are being finalized, and will be posted soon but we can tell you where we are headed:

The trail East of Toronto will take us to:

Tickets and more information will be available soon. Mark the date.


All About Ales Competition – Fall 2014

The CABA All About Ales competition is back!

All About Ales is a fall competition focusing on the category of beer which is arguably the most common and most celebrated by homebrewers. All About Ales provides a great chance to get some feedback from expert BJCP judges on your homebrew in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Details will be published over the coming weeks, but here is the preliminary information you need to know:

  • All About Ales registration will open in September
  • The competition will close in October, around Thanksgiving
  • Entries will be judged in late October or early November
  • The Awards ceremony will be part of the CABA Annual General Meeting in November
  • The competition will be open to Ale styles only
    • BJCP 2008 categories 6-19 including hybrids and Baltic porters
    • BJCP 2008 categories 20 – 23 with an ale style for the base beer
    • At least one special sub-category for Black IPA

The BJCP 2014 style guidelines are not scheduled to be approved until the end of the year. This competition will use the BJCP 2008 guidelines with at least one additional special style (Black IPA). All details will be published when registration opens.

Watch this space for more information, and follow the competition director @craftybrewer

Start brewing, and be sure to set aside a couple of bottles from each of your batches!


GCHC 2014 Presentation by Zack Weinberg

Zack Weinberg of was one of our key presenters at the Great Canadian Homebrew Conference on June 21. He gave a great presentation on his West Coast travels and related brewing research. Attendees were very keen on the topic, and the presentation spurred a lot of discussion! Zack has shared his slides online for those who attended (and also for those couldn’t make it). Thanks, Zack!

GCHC 2014 Competition Results

This year’s GCHC Competition had one the highest number of entries in nearly 10 years. In all, 52 brewers (individuals and brewing teams) entered 227 entries representing a broad sampling of all BJCP major categories. The beers were judged over two days by 18 judges. In total, 67 awards are presented in 22 categories plus Best of Show.

GCHC 2014: June 21 at The Rhino

The Great Canadian Homebrew Conference

Saturday, June 21, 2014
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Join fellow homebrewers and beer aficionados for an afternoon of brewing discussion, information and technique exchange, as we are once again graciously hosted by CABA Sponsor The Rhino Bar & Grill.


GCHC Competition – Deadline May 22 2014

The Great Canadian Homebrew Competition is Back

Get your best beers together and enter them to win prizes, medals and the admiration of your brewing peers.

 Get your not-so-best beers and enter those as well for evaluation and feedback from BJCP certified judges.

The competition is being sponsored by the good folks at

Black Oak Brewing and Beer Grains Supply

Update! Best of Show Pro-Am Brew Prize: And just to prove how great the people at Beau’s brewery are, and how nice they are to us, Beau’s will once again be brewing the Best of Show beer in large scale to the brewery in Vanleek Hill.

Update! Brewer of the Year: The GCHC Competition is now part of the Canadian Brewer of the Year circuit. Your standings in the GCHC will contribute to the national BOTY ranking.

Please see the PDF for details, instructions and contact information.

Thanks for your support and Good Luck!



Brewing a best-of-show-worthy beer

It’ll soon be time to crown the latest Homebrewer of the Year and give the accolades he or she deserves. If you’ve got your eye on winning competitions and one of these years taking home the HotY award, you can learn a few things from last year’s winner, Brad Clifford.

Brad provided us with the secret details of his Great Canadian Homebrew Conference Best of Show winner. If you’re working on your brewing skills, you can learn a lot from Brad and our many other award winners.

CABA 2012 Anything Goes Competition Winners

The CABA 2012 Anything Goes Competition went spectacularly well, with homebrewers submitted a total of 132 entries from across the country. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all of the winners.

CABA would like to thank all of the BJCP judges who took part in the judging prior to the Great Canadian Homebrew Conference. We’d also like to issue a special thank you to Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewery, who once again volunteered his brewery’s space to host the judging event.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…

New Homebrew Supply Store

All About Ales Competition results

Announced at the 2011 CABA AGM on November 19th, the All About Ales Competition results featured beers in 17 overall categories. The 2011 AAA Competition received 104 entries, and we’re proud to announce the winners of each of the categories, as well as our Best of Show winner.